Hey! My name is Alice. Yes, that is the most from the country of miracles. I am a photographer from Ukraine, from Kyiv. Create portraits for people. These are personal shooting, and advertising for brands, and photo sessions for family, subject shooting. For 5 years of my career, I managed to work a very different experience in the genres of photography. I was wondering if everything I did :) Therefore, my portfolio looks diverse and interesting.
4 years I studied my case in Kiev universitet, specialty photo art. Thanks to this, I got a very good database. I understand the color, composition, technical side.
But most importantly - I love people very much. And I myself am a bright good man. I love yoga, psychology, spiritual practices. Nowadays, I still believe that a person comes to man, this is an exchange of energy. What I tell me my regular customers. They come to me, because I am pleased with me, comfortable, fun, soulful. I really appreciate such Fidbeck and of course I always try to surrender to my work by 100%.
I invite you to shoot you, if you want to get high-quality photos.
Or, I invite you just for a cup of tea, if we are in one city :) I am glad to meet and thank you that you read to the end.
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